The Charlotte Savage Series

Touch is the first novel featuring Detective Inspector Charlotte Savage and her colleagues in Plymouth CID. It was been a number one bestseller on Amazon in the thrillers category and has sold over 100,000 copies. Initially self-published, Touch was bought by HarperCollins in a three book deal in 2012. In 2014 the deal was extended for a further three books. I took a break to write a stand alone novel and the Holm and da Silva books (see below), but the DI Savage story continues with book seven, Puppet.

The Boneyard

You can find the books at your local bookshop (click here to find) or in ebook form at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Books and Waterstones.

US readers can find ebook versions of Touch and Bad Blood on Amazon US.

The Holm and da Silva Series

Book one, The Sanction:

The Sanction cover image

Rebecca da Silva, former crack sniper in the British Special Forces stationed in Afghanistan, is languishing in a dead-end job.

Stephen Holm, an intelligence analyst, gambles his position upon the capture of the ruthless Taher, a terrorist so elusive that MI5 are not convinced he exists.

But then a deadly terror attack in Tunisia changes everything, setting them on two interconnected paths, one born of revenge, the other of obsession. How do you stop a terrorist you can’t find? Their discoveries, and fight for survival, will go to the very heart of power… To the White House.

Book two, Rogue Target:

Rouge Target cover

Speedbird 117, a Boeing 787 flight to New York, takes off like any other flight from Heathrow. Except this plane will never reach its destination. The cause? Taher, an utterly ruthless terrorist with a score to settle.

With the country’s Secret Service on red alert, senior analyst Stephen Holm is given an ultimatum: find Taher, confiscate his devastating surface-to-air missiles and bring him to justice, or witness his nation’s descent into disaster.

Rebecca da Silva, meanwhile, accepts a seemingly routine job in the Philippines for a wealthy businessman. Little does she know that this will set a course in motion that she is unable to stop, a course that leads, inevitably, to Taher.

With time running out, Holm and da Silva must work together: failure is not an option.

A Standalone Thriller

The Sum Of All Sins

How far would you go to help a friend in need? I’m in trouble and you’re the only person I can turn to. We need to get rid of the body and bury it somewhere it will never be found.

The Sum Of All Sins is a psychological thriller cross crime mystery cross rural noir. Set on Dartmoor, it is a tale of a couple who move away from London in order to forget their troubles and seek a new start. Unfortunately for them, escaping the past isn’t so easy…

You can buy The Sum Of All Sins from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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