Finished the 3rd. Now for Beta Readers

OMG I have finished the third draft of Touch! No champagne in the house, but I have permitted myself a cup of tea and a biscuit (just the one, let’s not get ahead of ourselves since the state of nirvana known as transcendental  Amanda Hockingness has not yet arrived). Compared to the first two drafts number three did not take too long (a few weeks) and it was good to find out that not much needed doing apart from removing ten zillion adverbs. Draft number two was like taking your car to the garage and being told that you’d be better off taking it to the scrap yard instead.

Just a read through now and then it will be ready for my beta readers so if there is anyone out there willing to be one, please let me know as I need some more. I would love to hear from anyone living in Devon and Cornwall, but wherever you come from you’d be welcome. No payment, but you will get an acknowledgement in the book and a whole heap of thanks. Your task will be to read through the book and then answer some questions that will help me to understand what works in the story and what doesn’t. I am not looking for you to pick up on spelling or grammar so don’t worry if that is not your forte or if UK English is not your mother tongue.

If you are interested then please tell me the last three crime novels you have read and your favourite author (from any genre) and I will get back to you

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