It’s going to be a busy one…

Happy New Year to everyone. For me it’s going to be a busy one. Having signed with Avon I am now committed to delivering book number two early this year (for publication in July) and book number three some time in the Autumn. Publishing is all lunches and parties except if you are a lowly author, then it’s more like being stuck in the hold with Charlton Heston in that scene from Ben Hur: ‘Ramming speed’ your editor cries and the whip snicks across your back. Edit, write, edit, write, edit write… Of course I wouldn’t swap places with my old self, but I’m wondering how I’m going to get it all done!

I was supposed to do some work over Christmas but it sort of slipped by the wayside in an orgy of Scalextric and other games (including the very wonderful Forbidden Island) . This morning it’s back to work with a bump. I’ve cleaned out the office, had three cups of tea and now it’s nearly lunch time. Start as you mean to go on, I say.

Dates for the diary this year: 24th January  – republication of Touch. 11th April – pub date for the paperback version of Touch. July – book number two out in ebook (we’re still tweaking the title). September – pub date for paperback version of said nameless book.

Anyway, if you had a good 2012 then I hope 2013 is as good. If 2012 wasn’t so hot then I wish you a better year ahead.  Oh, and a Happy NewYear from Charlotte, Darius, Jane, Patrick and the others too!

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