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(it’s the sign of a lame post which is titled “Latest News” but there you go!)

Bad Blood has been doing well since ebook publication day and is currently bubbling around the 100 chart position on Amazon. More gratifyingly the book has garnished a number of good reviews from readers and nothing is as important as getting feedback – especially positive feedback! For those wanting to read in paperback you’ve a month to wait until the physical copy comes out.

Meanwhile, back in the shed, I’m hard at work on the final edits for book three – Cut Dead. It’s proving a bit of a slog. Doubly so because it is now the school holidays and the kids are wondering why we haven’t taken a trip yet (as an aside, the little one is a bit of a sinophile and has decided the summer holiday should be spent in China. Not sure, at six years old, she is quite ready for such an adventure. The bank balance certainly isn’t).

After the roller-coaster ride that was Bad Blood, Cut Dead returns to a more chilling storyline. When the bodies of three women are found in a grave on an isolated farm, Devon and Cornwall Police realise they have discovered a body dump relating to a notorious cold case. DI Savage and the team must track down the killer before he strikes again.

And book four? – yes, in a few spare moments I’ve been writing some scenes for book four. Charlotte finally gets on the trail of the person who killed her daughter and there’s another serial murderer on the loose (I pity the people who have to “sell” Devon with all these nutters running around) and this latest one even scares me. I have the provisional title too, but you’ll have to wait a little while longer for that!

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