Exciting News!

Well, it’s exciting for me anyway. I’m pleased to announce that the future of the next three Charlotte Savage novels is assured. HarperCollins have agreed a new three book deal which will see my favourite female DI having books out in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Book four, provisionally titled Tell-Tale, is well under way and will be published in early 2015.

A big thanks to my agent, Claire Roberts, and to my editor, Lydia Vassar-Smith at HC, for sorting all the messy stuff out. I hope Charlotte can repay everyone’s faith in her. If not then she’s going to be slapping parking tickets on car windows or be forced to take a job as a dog warden (she hates dogs).

Meantime, you can look forward to book three. It’s out in ebook and paperback in just over a month.


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