It’s been a long wait, but finally I can announce that my first standalone thriller is now available for preorder:

The Sum Of All Sins

The Sum Of All Sins is a psychological thriller cross crime mystery cross rural noir. Set on Dartmoor, it’s a tale of a couple who move away from London in order to forget their troubles and seek a new start. Unfortunately for them, escaping the past isn’t so easy…

You can buy The Sum Of All Sins on preorder from Amazon UK (Kindle, Kindle apps, paperback), Kobo (epub), and Apple (iBooks). Release date is 8th May. (review copies available for bloggers, etc. Please contact me).

While this is a standalone, it has all the usual “Sennenesque” elements, albeit in a different setting. There’s Dartmoor (of course), offbeat characters, a shocking crime, and a pacey denouement. I was tempted to call it The Girl On The Moor but that would have just been lazy (though possibly good marketing, but see my previous post on lack of originality in book titles).

I’ve really enjoyed working on this book and it’s been refreshing to take a break from the Charlotte Savage series… but, of course, I miss her, sob.

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